A Cappella

A cappella music is a style of singing where human voices create all the sounds without any instruments. 

The history of a cappella goes back hundreds of years, starting in ancient times when people used their voices to make music together. In religious ceremonies and gatherings, singing a cappella was a common way to praise and worship.

During the Renaissance period in Europe (around 1400-1600), a cappella music became even more popular. Famous composers like Palestrina and Josquin des Prez wrote beautiful choral pieces that were performed without instruments. Later, in the 20th century, barbershop quartets became well-liked, entertaining people with their fun harmonies and catchy tunes.

In recent times, a cappella music has seen a remarkable resurgence. Pentatonix, a group that shot to fame via YouTube, are known for their impressive vocal skills and creative covers of popular songs. Similarly, the hit movie ‘Pitch Perfect’ wowed audiences with a soundtrack exclusively consisting of a cappella versions and creative mashups of popular music.

Today, a cappella music continues to evolve, bringing people together and letting the human voice shine in all its glory!

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