Who is behind this?

Blue Fox Music is run by UK-born music producer Lester Woodward. See what happens behind the scenes and subscribe to our newsletter to find out more.

Why is the music free?

Not everyone wants to pay upfront for using music – particularly if you’re just getting started. Unlike other royalty free music sites, we decided to remove all barriers to accessing the music. If you use a free (unlicensed) version of our tracks, Youtube may recognise the music and place an advert on your video. I’ll probably earn a few cents for my work and you’ll avoid dropping any of your hard-earned cash on my music. You’ll always have the option to pay for a basic license to remove the copyright claim at any time and monetize your content – highly recommended if your videos start getting popular!

Why would I license?

If you’re looking to monetize your videos, want to use the music without attribution, want higher quality audio files with loopable versions, want more file formats or simply want to support us, then please do purchase a license.

Who can use the music?

Anyone. The music is available for both personal or commercial use subject to the allowed uses of each license.

Copyright claims & Content ID

Blue Fox Music is registered with Youtube’s Content ID system which can result in a copyright claim on your video. This is nothing to worry about and will not adversely affect the status of your Youtube channel. Please note, a Content ID copyright claim is NOT a copyright strike.

If you have purchased a license for a track, please email tracks@bluefoxmusic.com with a link to where your content is being used and we’ll quickly get that video cleared for you.

Pro Tip: We recommend you set your Youtube video to “Unlisted” upon uploading until the “matched third party” copyright claim is cleared. That way it ensures you monetize your video the moment it goes live.

Are you accepting music?

This is something we are working on but it is not yet available. Please subscribe to our newsletter where we will announce this functionality when it launches.

I have another question

Please contact us – we tend to reply pretty quickly.