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Download tracks for free for personal or commercial use

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Purchase a license for your particular project requirements

Free downloads
Pay per song

Why do we make our tracks available as free downloads?

Not everyone wants to pay upfront for using music – particularly if you’re just getting started. Unlike other royalty free music sites, we decided to remove all barriers to accessing the music. If you use a free (unlicensed) version of our tracks, Youtube may recognise the music and place an advert on your video. I’ll probably earn a few cents for my work and you’ll avoid dropping any of your hard-earned cash on my music. You’ll always have the option to pay for a basic license to remove the copyright claim at any time and monetize your content – highly recommended if your videos start getting popular!

What is the catch?

We may earn a few cents from unlicensed tracks when used for free. This is because Blue Fox Music is registered with Youtube’s Content ID system and can result in ads running on your video. If you’d rather keep any ad revenues, or run your video ad-free, you’ll need to purchase a basic license and we’ll quickly clear your video of any copyright claim.

What are the benefits of having a paid for license?

  • Clear copyright claims
  • Video games and apps
  • Online adverts (pre-, mid- and post-rolls)
  • TV & Radio broadcasting
  • Products (digital or physical)
  • Feature films
  • Multimedia
  • Optional credit / attribution

Costs for common usages are detailed below. Contact us if you have an unusual or unlisted requirement and we’ll be able to work out a custom license for you.

Basic License ($39)
Available for use on social media, online video content, audio books & indie games.
Online Ad License ($380)
Everything in Basic license plus: pre-, mid-, post-roll online advertisements and promoted/boosted posts on social media.
Broadcast License ($780)
Everything in Basic and Online Ad Licenses plus: television, radio and multi-media broadcast.