Background vocals

Background vocals, also known as backing vocals, backup vocals or BGVs, refer to the supporting voices that accompany the main singer in a song. These backing vocals can be sung by other members of the band, session singers, or by the lead singer themselves, layered and mixed together to create a lush and full sound.

When you listen to a song with background vocals, you’ll notice how they add a new dimension to the music. They can be used to reinforce the melody, add harmonies, or provide counter-melodies. These additional voices create a sense of richness and texture, making the song more captivating and emotionally engaging. Whether it’s a powerful chorus that gives you chills or a delicate bridge that tugs at your heartstrings, background vocals play a significant role in enhancing these moments.

In modern music, background vocals are everywhere. Think about your favourite pop, rock, country, or R&B songs; chances are, you’ll find background vocals in most of them. A classic example is Queen’s iconic anthem “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The layered vocals in the chorus and the operatic section showcase how background vocals can elevate a song to greatness. 

Background vocals aren’t limited to just popular music genres; they are also prevalent in gospel, soul, and even classical music. Choirs, for instance, serve as a form of background vocals in many classical and choral compositions, providing a heavenly touch to the melodies.

In summary, background vocals enrich songs with their harmonies, counter-melodies, and emotional resonance. Whether it’s a power ballad or a lively pop hit, background vocals can make a massive difference in the final product.

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