A chord is a group of 2 or more notes played together, creating a harmonious sound. Imagine stacking up some musical notes like building blocks, and that’s a chord! Chords play a vital role in creating emotion and shaping the foundation for melody. 

When musicians play chords, they produce a richer and more vibrant sound compared to playing single notes. The combination of different notes in a chord creates a pleasing and balanced effect, giving music that feeling of completeness.

Here’s a simple example to illustrate it better: Think of playing a guitar. When you strum all the strings together, you’re playing a chord. Each string produces a different note, but when played simultaneously, they form a chord.

Let’s take a modern pop song as an example. Imagine a catchy tune you hear on the radio. Underneath the singer’s voice, you’ll likely hear a series of chords played on a keyboard or a guitar. These chords support the singers’ melody, usually in a harmonious way.

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