The didgeridoo, an ancient wind instrument crafted from hollow wood, dates back around 40,000 years and was originally played by aboriginal people in northern Australia. These early didgeridoos were fashioned from fallen eucalyptus branches that had been naturally hollowed out by termites. Additionally, the Mayan people of Central America had a similar instrument known as “la trompeta maya” (the Mayan trumpet), made from yucca or agave.

In modern times, didgeridoos are commonly constructed from eucalyptus, bamboo, and agave. However, in theory, any enclosed column of air, even something like a PVC pipe, can be transformed into a didgeridoo by blowing through it.

The didgeridoo exhibits characteristics of both a pitched instrument and a percussion instrument. Each didgeridoo possesses a fundamental tone, accompanied by a series of overtones that can be manipulated by the player’s lips. Besides its melodic capabilities, the didgeridoo can also be played rhythmically, functioning as both a bass instrument and a means of keeping time.

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