Have you ever attended a live concert or used a microphone and noticed that screeching or howling noise that seems to have a mind of its own? Well, that’s what musicians and sound engineers call “feedback.” No, we’re not talking about receiving comments on your performance; instead, we’re diving into the world of sound and how it can sometimes go out of control.

In music, feedback refers to a particular type of sound loop that occurs when a sound signal from a speaker or microphone goes back into itself repeatedly. Imagine a never-ending conversation where the sound keeps talking to itself, getting louder and louder with each repetition.

Here’s how it happens: When a sound is produced through a speaker or picked up by a microphone, it travels through the air and bounces off different surfaces. Sometimes, that sound finds its way back to the microphone, and the microphone picks it up again. This re-captured sound gets amplified and played through the speaker once more. The process repeats, creating a continuous loop of sound amplification.

Feedback can be a bit like a rebellious child in a classroom—it’s uncontrollable and often disruptive. When it happens unintentionally, it can lead to that annoying high-pitched screech that makes everyone cover their ears. However, this mischievous behaviour can also be put to good use, especially in certain music genres.

In some rock or experimental music, artists intentionally use feedback as a creative effect. They position their instruments or microphones strategically to create controlled feedback at specific moments during a performance. When harnessed correctly, feedback can add an eerie, otherworldly quality to the music.

Sound engineers play a crucial role in managing feedback during live concerts. They carefully position microphones and speakers, adjust volume levels, and use equalisers and other equipment to prevent unwanted feedback from ruining the show.

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