In the realm of music production, “Input” refers to the starting point of your sound journey. It’s like the gateway through which you send sounds, music, or signals into a device or a computer for processing and recording. Think of it as a bridge that links your musical ideas to the digital or analog world.

The Input can take different forms, like a cable that connects your guitar to an audio interface or a microphone linked to a mixer. The audio interface and mixer act as the guardians of the portal, making sure the sounds from your instrument are properly translated into the digital language that computers understand.

Once your instrument’s sounds have passed through the Input, they arrive in the digital realm, where you can wield your musical wizardry. You can use software like digital audio workstations (DAWs) or synthesizers to shape and mould the sounds, adding effects, tweaking the tones, and arranging them into your final compositions.

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