A jingle is a short and catchy piece of music or song that is usually used for advertising, on TV or the radio. 

Jingles are created to be memorable, so they can quickly grab your attention and stick in your mind. They are often designed to promote a product, brand, or service. Companies use jingles to make you remember their name or product, hoping that when you need something they offer, you’ll think of them first!

What makes jingles so magical is their simplicity and repetition. They are usually short, easy to remember, and have a catchy melody. The repetition helps reinforce the message in your brain. Just like how a catchy chorus in a song gets stuck in your head, a jingle does the same with its catchy tune and lyrics.

Jingles have been around for a long time! The practice of using short musical tunes for marketing dates back to the early days of radio and television. Some jingles have become so famous that they’ve become a part of popular culture.

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