In simple terms, “level” refers to the volume or loudness of a particular sound or instrument in a musical piece. When musicians and audio engineers talk about “levelling”, they are essentially talking about how loud or soft different elements in the music are, and how they relate to each other. This is crucial in ensuring that all the instruments and vocals can be heard clearly and harmoniously.

Imagine listening to a song where the vocals are way too quiet compared to the overpowering instruments, or where the drums are too loud, drowning out everything else. In such cases, the levels are imbalanced, and it becomes challenging to appreciate the full beauty of the music.

Audio engineers and producers use various tools and techniques to control the levels in a recording or during a live performance. They use mixers, faders, and other equipment to adjust the volume of each individual element, ensuring that everything fits together seamlessly. This process is often called “mixing” or “audio mixing.”

Balancing the levels is not just about making everything equally loud. It also involves making sure that certain elements stand out when they need to, and others take a backseat. For example, during a guitar solo, the guitar level may be raised to shine through, but it will be lowered again when the vocals come back in.

Moreover, levels also play a vital role in the emotional impact of a piece of music. A quiet, intimate moment can be just as powerful as a loud and intense one if the levels are skillfully controlled. This dynamic range adds depth and interest to the music, keeping the listener engaged.

It’s essential to note that the concept of “level” is subjective to some extent. Different music genres may have different expectations for how instruments should be balanced, and personal preferences also come into play. However, the fundamental principle of ensuring all elements are heard clearly and cohesively remains the same across genres.

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