Mastering is the last step in the production process, where a skilled audio engineer, known as a mastering engineer, enhances and polishes your song. The goal is to make the music sound as professional and balanced as possible across all devices and platforms.

Imagine you’ve recorded a fantastic song, and it sounds excellent on your studio speakers. However, when you play it on different devices like headphones, car speakers, or even tiny phone speakers, you notice some parts are too loud, some are too soft, and the overall sound doesn’t quite feel right. This is where mastering comes in to save the day!

During the mastering process, the engineer carefully listens to the entire song and makes adjustments to the overall volume, equalisation, compression, and stereo width. They can also ensure that the track is free from any unwanted noise, clicks, or pops that might have slipped through during recording or mixing.

Another vital aspect of mastering is making sure your song fits in with other songs in a playlist or album. Have you ever noticed how songs from different artists flow seamlessly on a playlist? Mastering helps achieve this by ensuring that your song has a consistent volume and tone with other tracks, providing a cohesive listening experience.

Moreover, mastering optimises your music for various audio formats and platforms, such as streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. Each platform has its unique audio requirements, and the mastering engineer will adapt your song to sound its best everywhere it’s played.

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