Melody is a series of musical notes played one after another. It’s the catchy tune that you can hum or sing along to. Melodies are what make songs memorable and enjoyable.

Think of a melody like a story told with sound. It’s a sequence of musical notes, each with its own pitch and duration. These notes are like words in a sentence, combining to create a musical phrase. These phrases form the building blocks of a melody.

Just like how every story has a unique plot, every melody has its own shape or contour. Some melodies rise high and fall gently, while others might jump up and down like a rollercoaster. The shape of a melody gives it its character and emotional impact.

Melodies are found in all kinds of music, whether it’s classical, pop, jazz, rock, or folk. Each genre has its own style of melody. For instance, classical melodies can be complex and graceful, while pop melodies often have a simple and catchy quality.

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