Volume Automation

Volume automation is a technique used in music production to control the loudness of individual tracks or sections within a song. It allows producers and engineers to add depth, dynamics, and emotion to their music.

The process of volume automation involves setting key points on a track’s volume timeline, known as automation points. These points can be adjusted up or down to control the track’s volume at different parts of the song. For instance, you can have a softer volume during verses and gradually increase it during the chorus to make it more impactful.

Volume automation isn’t limited to just volume increases; it can also be used to decrease the volume, create fades, or shape the sound in various ways. For example, during a breakdown section, the volume automation might be used to gradually decrease the volume until it becomes nearly inaudible, creating anticipation for the upcoming drop.

This technique is commonly used in all genres of music. In electronic dance music, it’s a vital tool for crafting seamless transitions between different sections of a track. In orchestral music, it allows composers to control the dynamics of different instrument groups, adding complexity and emotion to the music.

Modern digital audio workstations (DAWs) make volume automation easily accessible to all producers. Within the software, users can draw automation curves, adjust values, and fine-tune the transitions between different points. Some DAWs also provide automation tools that can automatically adjust the volume based on the loudness of the input signal, making the process even more convenient.

Volume automation is a creative process that requires a keen ear and a good understanding of the song’s overall structure and emotion. It allows producers to tell a story through music, guiding the listener on an emotional journey from start to finish.

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