Uplifting Acoustic Folk Background Royalty Free Music for Videos
Track title

Make It Happen

Folk Medium (124bpm)

Uplifting Background Music for Videos

Uplifting background music for videos and media. This heartwarming royalty-free indie folk music has a wild and passionate vibe that inspires adventure and exploration of the great outdoors in autumn.

The bright acoustic guitars and lively piano create an organic, human feel backed rhythmically by an upbeat drum beat augmented with foot stomps & hand claps. The authentic, earnest performance of this inspiring nu-folk band is emotional, sentimental, and heartfelt. Playful, warm instrumentation creates a sense of joy, love and exuberance.

This earthy, wholesome background music is ideal for happy, feel-good TV, web, radio, adverts, YouTube, film, vlog, lifestyle, sport, health and fitness, social media, vacation, promos, presentations, travel & adventure, corporate & business, camping, mountains, church, charity, achievement, celebration, slideshows, documentary, websites, commercials, advertising, marketing, web ads, video game soundtracks, apps, audiobooks, podcasting, and more.

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  • Podcasting
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Will I get a copyright claim on YouTube?

Copyright claims from Blue Fox Music are nothing to worry about and simply means you are not able to monetize that video. If you are using a free download without a license, then you may receive a copyright claim. To clear the claim, you will have to purchase a license. If you are seeing a copyright claim and have previously purchased a license, please email us your video URL at: tracks@bluefoxmusic.com and we’ll get it sorted for you.

What’s the catch? Why is it free?

Not everyone wants to pay upfront for using music – particularly if you’re just getting started. Unlike other royalty free music sites, we decided to remove all barriers to accessing the music. If you use a free (unlicensed) version of our tracks, Youtube may recognise the music and place an advert on your video. We’ll probably earn a few cents for our work and you’ll avoid dropping any of your hard-earned cash on our music. You’ll always have the option to pay for a basic license to remove the copyright claim at any time and monetize your content – highly recommended if your videos start getting popular!

Can I get permission to use this track for reasons not listed above?

Probably – drop us a line – we reply quickly: tracks@bluefoxmusic.com

How should I attribute Blue Fox Music for this track?

To use this track for free, you must credit and link back to Blue Fox Music in the description of the video (or otherwise close to). Example below:

Music by: https://bluefoxmusic.com

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  • Personal and commercial use
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How do I know if I'm purchasing the correct license?

The vast majority of uses are covered by our basic license.

If you’re planning on using the music in any kind of web advert, then you need an Online Ad license.

If you’re broadcasting the music on TV or Radio, then you need a broadcast license.

If in doubt, drop us a line – we always reply quickly: tracks@bluefoxmusic.com

Once I've bought a license how do I clear any copyright claims on YouTube?

Simply email us (tracks@bluefoxmusic.com) your license and a link to your video. We’ll get the claim removed quickly – usually within 48 hours.